Gregory Bender

2016 February 07: Connecting rod shells, oil pump, swing arm (3.00 hours)


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I checked out what I thought was a set of good used connecting rod half shells. They aren't good enough. I'll purchase new shells.

I measured two oil pumps I had on hand for wear. Both exceed the tolerances specified in the workshop manual. If I didn't have a choice, these would work and I'd use them. But, new ones are available now and I'll purchase one.

Thwarted in making any progress on the engine, I turned my attention to the swing arm. When I had a bunch of parts re-zinc plated, I had included the left side swing arm bearing insert. Therefore, I started by pressing it back in place. Then I pressed the outer races for both swing arm bearings in place. Next, I fit a new carrier bearing in place and fit the large circlip to retain it.

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