Gregory Bender

2013 May 27: Begin transmission assembly (3.65 hours)


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I started by using a tap to chase all of the threads in the case and cover. All but one were in excellent condition. I installed a TimeSert to repair the one damaged thread. Chasing and repairing threads requires more time than one would imagine. It is much quicker and easier now, though, than later whe everything else is in the way.

With the thread inspection and repair complete, I shimmed the shift drum. Originally, a 1 mm shim had been used up front. I added 0.75 mm of shims to the rear to remove all of the end-play.

Next, I installed all new ball bearings in the case and cover. I reused the one original, very high quality roller bearing as it is in great shape. I used the green bearing and sleeve retaining compound on all bearings (just a little bit).

I installed a new Viton seal on the layshaft (output shaft).

I installed the gears into the case.

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