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2014 November 07: Convert Breather


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This entry is extracted from a series of email exchanges between myself, Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle and Gordon Kline of MG Cycle. Both Charlie and Gordon were very supportive and helpful.

Hi guys,

It has been a while since I've written about my Convert Breather (it is turning into the project that never ends). Here is the latest:

I disassembled the breather, placed a screen door mesh across it half way up, then placed a brass/copper scouring pad above it. That should have been more than enough to encourage the oil to collect, separate, and return to the engine. But, no luck. It still started to pump out just as much oil as before.

In the past, I've contemplated the Bunn Breather. However, its design never made sense to me and I could never figure out how it could actually work better. A local friend tried it on his Guzzi 850 T3 with pod filters. Here is his experience.

Time for me to pull the cylinders and have a look. I fear I'll find nothing.


Gregory Bender

Charlie's reply to Gregory:

Bummer. I know what you mean about never ending projects...

Gordon's reply to Gregory:

Hey Guys,

I feel for you, Greg, chasing around like that, not getting anywhere. I hope when you open it up something is so obvious that you scream. You didn't open it yet, did you? Be sure to let us know.


Gregory's reply to Gordon:

I haven't pulled it apart yet...not sure when I'll get around to that. I have so many Guzzi projects I need to complete. The last thing I need is one more thing hanging over my head and disassembled. I need a 6 month vacation!

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