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Fuse box repair

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Buy a new fuse box

Thanks to George Ian Coupe for sending me this information via email. In Ian's own words:

I thought that this might be useful.

My 1981 V1000 G5 which I have had from new started to give me problems, on one occasion all the electrics failed completely and after a bit of poking around reappeared.

Then the indicators stopped working! After days fruitless tests and checks I finally found that one of the connections on the fuse block was dead (the bottom one on the in-commer, red wire bottom right hand).

After careful inspection I realised that the in-comers on the right hand of the fuse block could be taken apart.

Remove the fuse block from the bike and look to the in-comer side, take a pair of pliers and push down on the tab sticking out of the front of the block the connectors can then be pulled out.

You will find a two part connector and likely that there is corrosion on the mating faces.

Clean it up, slather the faces in electrical lubricant and reassemble.

Indicator problem solved and hopefully others also.