Gregory Bender

Rain cover for motorcycle solo seats

Moto Guzzi V700, V7 Special, Ambassador, 850 GT, 850 GT California, Eldorado, and 850 California Police models



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Many of today's modern motorcycles come with waterproof seat covers direct from the factory. However, many older or replacement seat covers are stitched or made of non-waterproof material. This becomes quite problematic when rain is encountered. A wet seat can take a long time to dry out and is a most unpleasant perch on which to sit oneself.

In the summer of 2004, my wife Angela and I moved from Eden Prairie, Minnesota to Odessa, Florida. I quickly learned that Florida receives a serious amount of rain; 52 inch annually in Odessa compared to 33 inch annually in Eden Prairie. If I was going to ride whenever I wanted to, I needed to improve my gear. I already had my Aerostich Darien suit and my Oxtar Matrix boots...both perform very well in the rain. However, I discovered that my stitched police solo seat became completely waterlogged, absorbing rain like a sponge. I was essentially sitting in a bowl of water. Not even the Gore-Tex material of my Darien suit could keep my bottom dry. I decided I needed a rain cover.

Homemade solution

When I initially wanted a rain cover for the Moto Guzzi Classics police solo seat on my Ambassador, I couldn't find a ready-made product. So, after much careful thought and planning, I decided that I could make my own rain cover from vinyl and elastic. The next time Angela and I were at the local discount store, I told her I needed to go over to the sewing department. She inquired as to my peculiar desire and I shared with her my brilliant idea.

Instead of the Oh, Honey, you are so smart and wise (and handsome)! response I was hoping for, she looked at me skeptically and gently explained that the vinyl might be too thick and the elastic too thin.

She suggested I look for a more flexible material. But, her suggestion fell on deaf ears. I wanted my rain cover to be durable. I chose the heaviest and stiffest vinyl available, flat certain I could make it work.

Back at home I pulled out the sewing machine and then carefully measured and cut the vinyl and elastic. Everything was set and I started to sew the vinyl. Only, it didn't want to would just stick to the surface of the sewing machine and make a bunch of stitches all in the same place. Somehow I forced my way past that problem - breaking only a dozen or so needles in the process - and got a hem sewn into the vinyl.

Now it was time to feed the elastic through the hem I had just sewn. Only the vinyl was so thick and stiff that it took me near forever to get it all the way through.

Finally, through stubborn determination and bull-headed will power, my masterpiece was complete. I had triumphed over adversity and proudly took my precious creation out to the garage. I asked Angela to witness my moment of victory.

It looked terrible. I mean really terrible. Fit is not the word to describe how it went on the seat. A big ugly piece of vinyl scrunched up and sort of covering most of the seat, it resembled a shiny black diaper. I sat on it to see if things would improve. No luck. It didn't afford any movement, bunched up in awkward places, and kept me stuck to the seat.

A total failure. There was no way I was going to be using this. I should have listened to my wife. (It'll never happen again, Sweetheart. I promise!)

At this point I resorted to garbage bags until I could find a professionally made rain cover.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson was the first company to come to mind as they have produced jillions of solo seat equipped motorcycles over the years.

Russell Cycle Products

Fed up with the rain cover from Harley Davidson, I ordered a rain cover from Russell Cycle Products (you know, the makers of the Day-Long saddles).


CoverAlls no longer makes motorcycle seat covers.

King of Fleece

Jim Morabito read my reviews of rain covers for motorcycle seats on my website. He owns the company, King of Fleece, and sent me a solo seat rain cover for my Ambassador and asked me to evaluate it. Jim is polite and easy to work with. I was more than happy to test his product.