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Dash indicator light improvement

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I extracted this information from John Wells who posted it on the old Yahoo! MGconvert news group (which has now moved to In John's own words:

Convert dash lights are abysmal in daylight. If you lost oil pressure, you'd never know it till the engine seized. You could ride for miles with a turn signal on (not that that's ever happened to me).

Visited and replaced all the 1.2 watt wheat bulbs with SMD LED High Power 6 lumen 74-xHP wedge base led's. MAN! What a difference!! Idiot lights now visible in bright sunlight. $2.49 per bulb, order same bulb color as lens in dash, NOT WHITE!! (important!)

These bulbs are polarized, so test each light before you reassemble the dash, if it's not working, reverse the bulb in the socket. They fit perfectly. I guess they'd work in SPIII, Cal III, and whatever others use the 1.2W night lites for indicators. For me, it was money well spent. Shipped quickly, also. (The 1157 Luxeon 3W tail light bulbs are great too, same deal, order same color as taillight lens)

More information on ordering and installation:

The lights are a direct replacement for the 1.2W wedge base bulbs. They are polarized, so check function before reassembling. Reverse the bulb in the socket if it's not lit. Be sure to get the high output ones (6 lumen)

Spade blades are attached to a removable plastic socket which holds the wedge-base bulb. Leave wires attached and pull the plastic socket out (No screwing needed!), then pull the bulb straight out of the socket. Then replace and check polarity and function before reassembling dash.