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Coil terminal identification

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Thanks to Patrick Hayes for sending me this information via email. In Patrick's own words:

Patrick's original question

Someone sent me used coils from an unknown Tonti. On the business end, one terminal is labeled R and the other terminal nothing. I realize that a coil should work in either direction, but I'd like to do it properly. Which terminal gets the power from the wire harness?

What Patrick learned

One of my Italian connections has come up with the suggestion that the embossed R on the coil might stand for the masculine noun RUTTORE which translates as contact breaker. That sounds very logical.

I have also heard that a coil doesn't really care which way the circuit flows and can be hooked either way. There might only be a slight advantage to hooking it one way vs. the other.

For now, it is running just fine although I may have it technically hooked up backwards with the + supply connected at the R terminal and the distributor opposite. I'll go out and reverse the wires later so that the distributor is connected to the R terminal. I doubt I will see any performance change. If I do I will certainly report back.