Gregory Bender

Torque specifications

Moto Guzzi 250 TS, 350 NTX, 650 NTX, 750 NTX, 750 SP, 750 T, 750 XPA, Breva 750, Nevada 350, Nevada 750, STR V750 IE, Targa 750, V35, V35 Florida, V35 II, V35 Imola, V50, V50 II, V50 III, V50 Monza, V65, V65 Florida, V65 SP, V7 Café Classic, V7 Classic, V7 II Racer, V7 II Special, V7 II Stone, V7 Racer, V7 Special, V7 Stone, V75, and V85 models



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Thanks to Dominic Etzold of Symphony Cycles for sending me this data. In Dominic's own words:

I made an Excel Speadsheet of Torque figures for the small blocks if you'd like to use it for your site. The factory service manual specifies torque in kg/m figures (which none of my torque wrenches use) so I noted the factory specs and converted for ft/lbs for my benefit. Maybe I can spare others the effort that may find it useful.

DescriptionTorque Kg/MTorque Ft/lbsSpecifics
Cylinder Heads
Screws, rocker box cover17.23
Spark Plug2.518.082-3 kg/m (14.4-22 ft/lbs)
Crankcase and Covers
Nut, cylinder head to crankcase (M10)4.129.664-4.2 kg/m (29-30 ft/lbs)
Nut, cylinder head to crankcase (M8)2.920.982.8-3 kg/m (20-21.7 ft/lbs)
Nuts, crankcase joining2.35172.2-2.5 kg/m (16-18 ft/lbs)
Nuts, crankcase joining3.928.213.8-4 kg/m (27.5-29 ft/lbs)
Screws, timing cover17.23
Screw, oil sump17.23
Connecting Rod
Self-locking nut, big end3.122.42V65 - 3-3.2 kg/m (21.7-23 ft/lbs)
2.3517V35-V50 - 2.2-2.5 kg/m (16-18 ft/lbs)
Bolt, flywheel428.93
Bolt, crown wheel17.23
Valve Timing
Screw, camshaft flange321.7
Nut, camshaft gear2.618.812.5-2.7 kg/m (18-19.5 ft/lbs)
Starter Motor
Screws, starter motor securing321.7
Fuel Feed
Screws, intake pipe17.23
Screws, oil sump17.23
Screws, oil filter cartridge cover2.518.08
Screw, stator securing0.53.62
Screw, rotor securing3.3524.233.2-3.5 kg/m (23-25 ft/lbs)
Nut, clutch shaft1072.33
Nuts, mainshaft1072.33
Screws, securing gearbox cover17.23
Screws, securing gearbox to flywheel housing17.23
Engine to Machine
Nut, front stud4.532.55
Nut, short and long screw4.532.55
Screws, gearbox to clutch housing cover2.7519.892.5-3 kg/m (18-21.7 ft/lbs)
Rear Drive
Nut, bevel gear to housing1072.33
Screws, crown wheel to hollow spindle4.129.664-4.2 kg/m (29-30 ft/lbs)
Screws, cover to drive box2.518.08
Screws, brake disc to hollow spindle2.316.642.2-2.4 kg/m (16-17.3 ft/lbs)
Screws, cradle to frame857.86
Screws, center stand3.525.32
Front Suspension
Screws, front fork plate (top)4.532.55
Screws, front fork bottom plate4.532.55
Screws, damper securing1.813.02
Screws, fork leg to wheel spindle4.532.55
Rear Suspension
Screws, top and bottom securing321.7
Front Wheel and Brake Disc
Nut, wheel spindle965.1
Screws, brake disc to hub2.316.642.2-2.4 kg/m (16-17.3 ft/lbs)
Rear Wheel
Nut, wheel spindle965.1
Screw, wheel spindle to swing arm321.7
Bush, steering lock5.539.785-6 kg/m (36-43 ft/lbs)
Midpoint value used when range is indicated. See Specifics for actual torque range