Gregory Bender

Breva 750 shift lever adjustment

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Thanks to Aaron Leibold for sending me this information via e-mail. In Aaron's own words:

I have never been happy with the lever position. Having to lift my foot off the peg to shift is awkward, so I decided to adjust the lever lower to make shifting safer and easier. Easier said than done, so here are some tips to save time and trouble by learning from my mistakes.

  1. Remove 10 mm nut from lower swivel head and remove from pedal linkage.
  2. Un-screw and remove swivel head and locking nut from threaded shaft.
  3. You will need a 12 in drive 10 mm deep socket ($6 at AutoZone). A standard 38 drive deep socket will not work.
  4. Slip your shiny new socket over the threaded shaft till it seats on the upper swivel head lock nut.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE -- The upper shaft nut is reverse threaded. If you lefty loosey you will snap the shaft).
  5. Loosen the upper lock nut turning it clockwise righty tighty. Now you can unscrew and remove the shaft from the upper swivel head.
  6. The shaft is just too long. The adjustment available isn't enough to lower the pedal to where my foot fits snugly under the actuator without shoving it forward or having to lift off to downshift. So I threaded a nut onto the shaft, then put into my vice and cut off a 12 inch section of the threaded shaft. Then you can unscrew the nut to clean the threads at the cut. There is plenty of threaded shaft left the screw back into the swivel head.
  7. Screw the loose lower swivel head and nut onto the shaft then the other nut onto the other threaded end.
  8. Screw the entire assembly into the swivel head still attached to the transmission lever and attach the foot lever and secure the nut. Tighten the locknuts on the shaft and enjoy your new comfortable shift experience.