Gregory Bender

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

Moto Guzzi Quota 1000 and Quota 1100 ES models


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Mike Haven of MPH Cycles has a couple of articles about tuning the EFI and the Quota.

I messed with my TPS one time...essentially just loosened the screw and moved it up and down to different millivolt values - very touchy. I found the original position worked best and left it alone. If memory serves, that was 395 millivolts or there about. It just didn't want to idle at any other position.

To measure the millivolt values, connect your volt meter to the middle pin and one outside pin of the connector. If you read 5 volts or something like that, switch your connections around to the other outside pin so that you read in millivolts. This process is made much easier by wiring in pig tails so that your readings can be easily made.

I set my TPS to around 395 millivolts with the ignition ON but the engine NOT running. It does make a difference. It is a very good idea to check your millivolt reading BEFORE adjusting the TPS. Write the value down so you can always get back to your starting point.


The TPS used on the Quota is a Weber PF10 (PF 10). This is different from the TPS used on the other late model Guzzis, which is a Weber PF3C (PF 3C) . The common replacement is to use Harley Davidson part number 27271-95. The Harley part number corresponds to a Weber PF4C (PF 4C). Magneti Marelli distributes Weber products. I do not know if the PF3C or PF4C will replace the PF10. If anyone has actually used either part on a Quota, please let me know.