Gregory Bender

Police 7: Spot light extensions



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Applicable to these part numbers:

The extensions are routed from each spot light to under the fuel tank in the space provided by the frame.

  1. After you have routed all of the wires and know precisely the length you need, connect the extension wires to the spot light wires. Please plan carefully, too much length is nearly as bad as not enough.
    1. Cut the provided extension wires to length.
    2. Cut the provided sheathing to length.
    3. Slide the sheathing over the extension wires.
    4. Slide the provided heat shrink over the extensions.
    5. Strip the insulation from the end of the extension wire.
    6. Strip the insulation from the end of the spot light wire.
    7. Crimp the striped ends together using the provided butt crimp.
    8. Slide the heat shrink over the butt crimp and shrink it.
    9. Slide the sheathing over the finished assembly.
  2. Each blue wire with the 6.3 mm female spade terminal is connected to the 3 connection female spade connector distributing current to the spot lights.