Gregory Bender

Cutting hardened tools

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When building my tool kit, some of the tools I purchased were too long to fit in the tool boxes (7 inch is a good rule for overall length, although it is possible to angle longer pieces). Hardened tools can be very difficult and time consuming to cut with a hacksaw. In the past, I have even resorted to grinding them apart, but that tends to take a while and ends up rounding the corners of my grinding wheel.

I now use a metal cutting disc attached to my grinder. The disc is 18 inch thick and 7 14 inch diameter with a 58 inch arbor hole. The maximum RPM is 8,600, so my 3,600 RPM grinder doesn't even come close. The disc does a great job and doesn't seem to wear too quickly. I cut two wrenches and two adjustable wrenches and only used a few millimeters - and it was quick and easy! Vermont American manufactures the disc I used (model number 28077).

Gregory Bender's thoughts:

I now use a metal cutting chop saw to cut most any steel that I have need to cut. It works a treat, is super fast, and is much safer than my previous methods.