Gregory Bender

Spare parts list for Amal motorcycle carburetors from an old Beck/Arnley dealer catalog

Basic information regarding Amal motorcycle carburetors; primarily intended to supplement the Moto Guzzi spare parts catalogs and workshop manuals.



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Thanks to Robert A. Greene for providing this information. Here is the history behind this spare parts list (in Robert's own words)...

In December 1973, when I bought my new ‘73/‘74 Eldorado, I observed that the Moto Guzzi instruction book listed information about Dellorto carburetors, only, whereas my bike was equipped with a pair of Amal carbs.

I asked the dealer if he could furnish a parts list for the AMAL carbs, and he gave me a spare set from his Beck/Arnley dealer catalog, which I misfiled several years ago, but, knew would turn up, eventually.

While searching for a chain saw instruction book, tonight, I finally stumbled across the AMAL parts list, misfiled with a map to Indianapolis.

Though the prices are obviously 33 years out of date, your readers may find the descriptions and part numbers useful.